Injury and Shouts of Terror in Italy - Viale San Francesco, Bardonecchia

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We left the beautiful lake in France and drove about 2 hours, which saw us spend 37euros on the toll and a huge 61euros to go through the Mount Blanc tunnel, which is 11km long. You enter in France and arrive in Italy, we think it is so pricey because you literally have no border control in Italy which seemed a little odd with the whole Corona Virus. The scenery on the trip was absolutely spectacularly, sumptuously, stunning and any other long words that begin with “S”. When we arrived into Italy we decided to stop at the first place we could which happened to be Bardonecchia, which after parking up, we found out was a ski resort in the winter and a mountain bike (MTB) haven come summer. As Charlie and I are getting into our MTB trails we were over the moon to have a day on the slopes. We found a toboggan style ride that took you half way up the mountain then zoomed you down again, it had a picture of a chipmunk on it and there were lots of fake dinosaurs around so we thought why not go on the tame kids ride for fun. Holy mother of Christ!!!!! Charlie and I were the first on it together and the Italian man said you don’t need to break on the first part of the course so we just let it go full speed down and I have to say I think we both had little poo’s on the way down. It felt like g-force 3 and I lost my hat to add insult to injury. My stomach felt like it had re-established itself in my throat and I was intending to put Charlie on with Toni on the second go. Well, Charlie soon said I should go on and Toni said she wanted me to go on with her which was a slight traumatic experience in my head as I wanted Toni to experience it but had no desire to go on it again. Anyway, I went on with Toni and decided to brake a little this time which did help but she thought I didn’t brake and still hasn’t forgiven me, as you will see from the picture you could fit a small whale in “the mouth of shock” she displayed. We all laughed so much at the photo that we purchased it and stuck it on the motorhome wall to make us smile every day, hilarious!. We had a sound night sleep on what was a carpark that tolerated motorhomes staying on it (wild camping essentially). We woke early and Charlie and I hit the MTB slopes at 9am when the lift opened, we realised our hard tail bikes (suspension on the front but not the back) were not really suited for such slopes but still went for it anyway. We had three hours of exhilarating fun, alpine views and pristine air to breath, UNTIL!!! Yes, you got it Mr Accident Prone decided to throw himself over the handle bars of his bike and somehow take the bike with him so that a forward roll was the outcome with a bike on my back. My leg got caught and it twisted my knee, I jumped back up and got on my bike in the way you do when you think you are alright. I then looked down at my leg and saw a egg sized lump on my inner calf muscle and a few red marks, I actually thought I had fractured my leg. Well that was the end of our riding for the day, I stumbled home and told the girls. They were fresh back from a small shopping day where Toni purchased a nice hat ( omitting to mention how much it cost) and they treated themselves to a coffee and cake (Hollies first Itallian Cappuchino). They saw me and knew straight away that I had injured myself, in fact they knew when I spoke to them on the phone that someone was injured (women’s intuition or the fact they know I am a silly sod who likes to injure himself from time to time). The outcome is I cannot walk on my right leg and think it is likely to be ligament damage which left Wifey having to drive the van 8 minutes up the road to a campsite whilst I convalesce for a few days. Fingers crossed atter the standard RICE (rest ice elevation and compression) it will be good in a few days so I can drive. The only two benefits I can see are, the kids and wifey waited on me hand and foot (no pun intended) and they also had to do the change of the toilet cassette (sloppy out) which both traumatised wifey and Charlie. They came back and wife said she had to go and shower as she felt dirty. I am not good at sitting around so let’s see what happens over the next two days.

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