Sun takes toll on Toni - Krioneri, Greece

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Nostros Beach Bar was our next stop, although we had planned to make it as far as the Peloponese that day, but we were a little tired from so decided to stop sooner. This was a free stay on a beach bar carpark. It was that thick stemmed grass you only find abroad that is lovely and bouncy. We were 30 seconds from the van to the beach. Wifey was a little sun stroked despite not sunbathing and so she decided the onyl cool enough place to be was on the lino floor of the motorhome with her head towards the door. I set a fan to help cool her and she soon lay in the depths of a semi-comatic state for a few hours. The kids and I went for a well deserved dip in the sea to cool down and give Toni time to come back to life. Bless her. Hey Guys Toni Here! Nathan normally writes this blog but I have to BUT IN HERE! Nathan makes it sound like I was a little hot. NO I was totally sunstroked to the point where I couldnt function, move or even think!!

We had a nice meal at the bar and watched the locals play volleyball, they are crazy it was literally the hottest part of the day.. We had a lazy evening by the van and then bunked down for the night. We finished the day with some classic bat and ball whilst watching the sunset in all it's glory.

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