Ruelle de la Tannerie, Arcis-sur-Aube

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Day 4

We moved on from our campsite and headed towards an Aire a few hours south again near to Troyes. The Aire was on a main road and so we booked into another campsite for the night. This one had a river running all around it and we noticed there was a wild swimming area where the locals were enjoying the cool waters. We promptly ditched Lenny and donned our swimming attire to join them for a paddle. Toni promised to enter the water wherever we are this trip and true to form she did dip her toes in the water and counted this as keeping to her promise. We have been blowing the cigarette fuse every day for some reason so charging our sat nav and mobiles has been a challenge. Hollie is now a fully trained mechanic and can change the fuse in a minute flat. We need a 20amp fuse but only have 15amps which is definitely a reason for them to blow and so we are hunting for some fuses now. Well we tried several garages and shops to no avail but the man at the campsite came to the rescue and donated one from his car. Well it doesn’t rain it pours, when we were winding our brand new awning back in for just the second time and the bloody winding pole broke. We had to use an adjustable spanner to do the job and so we are now trying to source a new one en-route. Oh and the sat nav seems to be the culprit for blowing the fuse and overheats so we think this is broken too. Aaaagh, there are always issues with sat nav’s when we travel. We had a terrible time with this last time and it makes for a lot of hassle when trying to find your destination in rural areas. We decided to walk into the town and stumbled on a café that pointed us towards a restaurant we could eat at. Most food establishments in France have been empty so far due to COVID-19. We found a Moroccan called Anzi and decided to give it a whirl. The food was great and the service was good too but the portions were a little on the stingy side and so we left feeling hungry still. Toni and Hollie had a kir royale which is a blackcurrant cassis (liquor) and Champagne, the waiter didn’t bat an eyelid at serving Hollie or questioning her age. A good night’s sleep was had by all. We completed all the pre-flight checks in Lenny in record time and managed to exit the campsite at an impressive 9.30am.

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