Barbed Wire Fence and Bull Chasing - Rue du Ploussard, Pupillin

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We travelled into Dijon (aka mustard town) to go to a motorhome place but realised that nothing was open as it was the 14th July (Bastille Day) a national holiday. We hit the supermarket for some provisions then headed towards Switzerland, stopping in a wine town by the name of Pupillin. What a stunning view we had across the fields of vines, sunflowers and wheat. The pictures really don’t do this view justice, it was stunning. We arrived around mid-afternoon, had a bite to eat in the van and then headed out for a stroll around the town which didn’t take long as it was very small indeed. Toni and I went into the winery to buy a bottle of wine and got ourselves into another tasting session. We had left the kids and so wanted to be quick but the lady was working her way down the wine menu giving us tasters. Luckily we got saved by a Swiss lady with a 12 week old baby who translated for us so not to cause offence. I decided to go for a jog in the morning around the town and back up to where Lenny was parked. on my way back, I saw a boy suddenly appear with his dog and guessed there must be a secret path. Well the jog was going well until I decided to go off road through the vineyards to find the secet path, I then ended up climbing over barbed wire fences and through cow fields where I convinced myself I heard a bul,l so I was running with my neck turned to oneside constantly reviewing by derier. Finally I could see where I needed to go but there was another barbed wire fence but the posts were so weak that I had to do a commando role underneath. Well it felt more like an assualt course than a jog but the end result was I worked out and sweated a lot, job done! We had a quiet night in the van and made plans for our next stop which is going to be somewhere along the Jura valley towards Switzerland.

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