Private Woodland Haven - Garbagna, Italy

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

We found a lovely campsite with a pool, in the Italian countryside and decided to stop for 3 days to recoup and let Wifey have her special moon pampering time and get some foraging done. Wifey foraged "Horsetail" herb for tea and was very pleased to have found it as she has never seen it growing before.

We had a lazy few days which involved the kids and I playing in the pool and a trip to the market in Tortana where Wifey and Hollie enjoyed rummaging through a 3 euro mound of clothes so high you needed a step ladder. They came away with a handful of items having only spent 15 euros. We milled around, had a meal out at a little Italian restaurant and planned our ferry trip from Venice which has not been the easiest to book. It ended up costing a small fortune as Wifey just got annoyed with me searching for a deal and booked it on her phone whilst I was driving. Very sneaky but this is needed sometimes. My buying style ranges from a shoot from the hip let's buy it right the way to looking at 10 websites to see which is the best deal.

We are all booked and heading to Venice tomorrow.

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