Formula 1 Taxi Driver & The Perfect Pitch on the Peleponnese - Egio, Greece

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We are making our way to Athens to get our ferry to Crete and have chosen to re-visit the Peloponnese having come here 10 years ago in a different motorhome.

Although we only stayed for one night, this was one of my favourite campsites so far. It is called Tsolis. We found the perfect pitch and the view was spectacular. We set up the hammock and I did a little work overlooking the sea. There was even a pole next to us holding a canopy up so Hollie took advantage to show us some moves. We went for a dip in the sea, I even got to show off my diving skills by flinging myself off the jetty with all the finesse of a hippo jumping in a waterhole. Well the first dive was a little rusty and involved a minor belly and ball slap on the sea as my trajectory was a little flat (I soon learnt after getting over the winded feeling). Next dive was Tom Daley style with a perfect execution and minimal splash, well done me.

We ventured out for our evening meal to the nearest taverana which was a short taxi ride away. Well if you can call it a taxi drive, it was more like a formula one taster day out at Silverstone. The guy was lovely and friendly but drove a brake neck speed never slowing on the bends. We were unceremoniously thrown around the cab like a pair of trainers in the washing machine, you get the idea I think. The meal was set behind what looked like a residential house. Once you walked around the back though it was a beautiful setting overlooking the sea perfectly poised to enjoy the senset.

The meal was delicious and we were suitably well oiled and prepared for Lewis Hamilton's estranged Uncle to take us back to the van. We made it back without any hiccups and had an amazing nights sleep. This was partly due to the satisfaction a hearty meal brings and massively due to the lovely sea breeze creating the perfect sleeping temperature.

Tomorrow will take us to Athens.

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