Peppers on Steriods - Neive CN, Italy

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We found a beautiful hilltop town called Castagnole Lanze where we parked on what was described as a sports centre carpark. Well, the definition of sports centre was very loose as they had a wooden shack and an outdoor football 5 a side footie pitch. Don't you just love artistic free licence when abroad? We parked up in the shade of the trees as it is damn hot today and Lenny overheats when in the sun so that you literally start cooking inside. We have had a repeat of one conversation many times since it has become very hot, it goes a little like this. "Toni remember that little aircon unit I wanted to buy", Wifey said we wouldnt need air con as we didnt need it last time and overuled my decision! Now she deeply regrets it. We went for a stroll around the town and found a restaurant that was unfortunately a little pretentious, rather than the small restaurant with an italian mamma making the food we were seeking. The view was spectacular and as such they decided to price the food at outrageously high prices. Toni opted for gnocchi at 22 euros which isn't too bad if she had had more than 6 of them. This is no joke either, she had 6 gnocchi which isn't enough to fill a toddler. Well, we weren't dressed to kill in our casual evening attire as we weren't expecting a swanky restaurant. We noticed when a couple arrived that the waiter came out with a fancy box for the lady to put her expensive looking bag on. What a nice touch we thought, Toni then said where is my box for my handbag? We guessed she didn't get one as she was using a re-usable cotton tote bag and they probaby thought she had purchased some dirty spuds. How we laughed at this. Toni was genuinely put out. We had some desert and a bottle of vino and 150 euros later we left the restaurant still feeling slightly hungry. We are moving on tomorrow for a campsite further towards Venice. Oh, I foraged some hazelnuts which cost me nothing and filled me up more than the meal. Just a tip if you go here in July.

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