Cannabis - Les Prés Secs, Chermizy-Ailles

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Day 2-3

We decided to go south to chase the weather as it was rainy in Calais albeit it temperate at the same time. So we got Lenny ready, set off by 10am and drove for the best part of 4 hours. This saw us arrive near Lac d’Etaille. Unfortunately the Aire was closed so we found a campsite and decided to set up there for 2 nights. Along the journey I thought I saw a field of cannabis and so pulled over to investigate and sure enough there was a huge field of hemp. Now we are assuming it was male plants that don’t bud and as such there would be no active ingredient in them or it was medicinal cannabis. Either way we had to take a photo, shame you can’t smell it though as it smelt like very strong weed.

The campsite was situated by a basin with a canal running alongside, we got hook up electric which is a luxury when travelling. This allowed us to get the fridge whacked up on max so we had lovely chilled drinks. As it is our first week we are allowing ourselves the odd tipple which is how we roll when we motorhome. As this trip could be many months though, we will have to temper this over time. We are both doing yoga, meditation, walking and work outs so we are getting a good balance.

We indulged in the facilities by having a shower everyday (luxury) and using their water for washing some clothes. Now both of these points seem somewhat trivial but when you are travelling water is a scarce commodity so washing clothes and showering are not an everyday occurrence.

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