Full Moon, Praying Mantis & Whale Songs - Parga, Greece

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

We drove for about 45 minutes to get to Parga which was recommended to us by our neighbours in Bridgnorth. We stopped en-route to get some local honey from a lovely English and Greek couple who ran a cool road side beach style shack. This was our first English conversation since we set off, which was really nice actually! I forgot how nice it is to mingle with strangers. We arrived at the campsite which was on Vekos Beach with Parga Old Town up and over the hill. The beach we were on was lovely but the Old Parga Town area was much more to our liking.

Toni is prone to a bit of a shriek when she is startled, well today, on the beach was no exception when a daredevil praying mantis dropped out the tree she was sat under, landing unceremoniously on her head. Imagine a quiet horse shoe shaped beach, everyone enjoying a quite summers day, when a shriek pierces the silence like a hot knife through butter. I am sure some whales surfaced a few moments later seemingly off course by Wifey's sonar level screech. Our new friend was soon named Pete. Pete climbed over all of us and stayed chilling out on the beach with us for sometime. We took in a cocktail bar the first night, some full moon swimming in the sea and then a meal out for Wifey and I to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. We took the water taxis round the bay and had a lovely meal together in a posh restaurant on the front of the harbour. Bizarrely our waiter turned out to be from Shropshire. I still love this women as much as the day we first got together, she truly is a wonderful mother, partner, best friend and fellow adventurer. Ok, enough of the mushy talk otherwise it will go to her head when she reads it. Hollie, Charlie and I had a swim under the full moon which was so amazing, the water has a different energy to it at night and especially under a full moon. The photo I took really doesn't do it justice, the full moon crested over the Old Parga Town and was one of those huge full moons that you think you may just be able to touch.

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