Sold our Yoga Studio, House on The Market -European Adventure

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We are off on another adventure around Europe. This time the kids are 15 and I will be managing my business whilst travelling. We decided to stop waiting to follow our dream of living abroad and grab it by the short and curlies. The Corona virus has given us all time to think, connect with our families more and decide what is important in life. If you don’t change or learn anything from lockdown then you are likely immersed too much in the matrix people call society. We have witnessed people leaving their jobs to move away and changing vocation to follow their dreams of being a midwife or healer. People are taking time communicate with family and friends more. Life has become slower, traffic is a thing of the past and people have become time rich.

So we put our house on the market, sold our beloved yoga studio and purchased a new home on wheels in the form of Lenny the motorhome. The name for Lenny came when I looked at eBay on my phone and a picture of this motorhome came up alongside a recent plant purchase Toni had made for something called Leonardis something else Latin blah blah blahius. Therefore we decided to call the new van Lenny. It was as simple as that.

We took a journey around Europe with the kids about 10 years ago and have been wanting to do it again ever since. We are not waiting any longer to realise our dream and so took the plucky decision to vacate the UK in a somewhat volatile time. We don’t even know if all the borders are open yet but we will see who lets us in and who doesn’t. We don’t think all the media scaremongering about corona is true but let’s not get into conspiracy versus actual truths just yet. Do we ever really understand the government's real inention? I think not.

When in the motorhome we have what we have affectionately called our pre-flight checklist which consists of checking the wheel chucks are removed, the windows are closed, gas is off and that we haven’t left shoes under the van (we did this last time in Italy and lost two pairs of the kids shoes, oops).

Day 1

We spent the night on the Marine Parade in Dover which tends to be where most motorhomes stay the night before an early morning ferry. It is a quiet strip right on the beach front. When we woke up around 8am I looked out the window to see some crazy person actually swimming in the English Channel at that time in the morning, they must have frozen their bits off. The ferry to Calais went smoothly. We had to wear a face mask on the ferry which is the first experience of mandatory ruling during COVID-19. The ferry only took 90 mins and we docked safe and sound in Calais. We decided that we wanted to find a close Aire du Camping Car, which is essentially a special parking for motorhomes with varying facilities from electric hook up, water and dumping of grey water and waste.

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