Hangry Nathan & Hilarious Games - Gravellines Aire

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We found our first French Aire (place to park the motorhome), how we miss France.

Day 2

We found a lovely Aire in Gravellenes overlooking a small fishing area on the estuary leading to the channel. As per normal though we drove by this spot several times before actually finding it. There were a few heated moments as it was quite warm despite the grey weather and I was getting a little hangry (hungry and angry for the un-cultured amongst you). Toni thought it wise to try an placate me by placing a crystal on my shoulder, needless to say my reaction was not one of tranquillity or serenity, but more of a zero to steam coming out my ears on the scale. She meant well but sometimes you just have to leave a man when he is driving, feeling sweaty and not getting any sense from the sat nav or the family. Anyway, the Aire was nice, so we parked Lenny (the motorhome) up for the night and took a lovely stroll in a medieval village surrounded by a moat.

We had a few vino’s and Toni and I got a little tipsy and tried playing some game with Hollie where you clap your hands and tap the table whilst tapping a cup on your hand and table in unison with each other. We laughed so much as Toni and I were so bad it was un-believable to conceive. We were like two deranged chimpanzee’s with no co-ordination.

Hand Clap, Table Tap Game

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