COVID-19 Testing, Plataira, Greece

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We took the ferry to Igoumenitsa which turned out to be an adventure as we, and several others couldn't actually find the ferry terminal we needed. After lot's of roundabouts and following other motorhomes, we found it just before the required 2 hours before sailing was up. Well we got to the front of the queue and the lady "said have you been on the Greek government website to complete your PLF which is a COVID-19 initiative". Well do you think the ferry website said anything about this? you guessed it "NO". We had to leave the queue and frantically get online onour phones to complete the formwith fingers sweatting so much that the phone screens didnt work! The problem was that it was asking for the name of the boat, cabin number, address we are staying at in Greece and lots of information we simply didn't have as it wasn't on the ticket and we are travelling in a motorhome so have no fixed abode. One hour later, clothes dripping wet with sweat (nothing new other than this was stress sweat which is different), slightly frayed nerves and sore fingers from typing we managed to get it done. Wifey was creative with some information but we managed to get the tickets and board the ferry. A little stressful but we made it on. The ferry trip was lovely as we got to stop without having to plan the next night or think about driving and it had air con. When we arrived at the destination port we were ushered into a side lane to have a swab and medical examination for COVID-19. Well, picture a couple of chairs on tarmac and some Greek's in full hazmat suits with vizors. Then came the open your mouth scene. The nurse pulled out an extraordinary long swab and proceeded not to test our cheeks but to shove the swab right into our throats so we gagged (charming welcome to Greece). Once we had this done we drove down the road to Platria for our first night stay on a restaurant carpark. We had a nice meal and made some small talk with the owner who said the bar was open till 3am. It was a Sunday and we were the only ones in the place other than one couple. They played some soft rock which was heavy on the guitar solos and at a volume that was none too pleasing to the eardrums. True to his word it went on till 3am so we felt a little jaded in the morning. I had an early morning workout on the beach then a swim in the sea which was invigorating. Off to Parga next!!

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