Cooling down in Lake Garda, Italy

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Well we set off on a 4 hour drive to Venice today, only to get so hot that we couldn't drive any further. Toni was lying on the floor in the motorhome as we were driving along, trying to get the cool off the floor so we checked the map to see where would be good to stop. The pre-requistes were distance and water, water and more water as we were roasting. And what do you know? "Lake Garda" was just up the road so we promptly changed the sat nav and headed to Garda. When we arrived we found a great camping aire that was just 15 euros per night compared to most at nearly 60 euros. It is about 50m from the lake side and has all the amenities we need including showers. Thus is a luxury we don't take for granted. So, there are two things that formed the past two days, one is heat and the other is mosquitoes! Firstly the heat is so insane that you literally have sweat beads on your top lip most the time and secondly who invented mosquitoes and why? All they do is buzz around you head, bite you and suck your blood, then move onto the next victim. As if being hot isn't enough, you chuck mosquitoes into the mix and you have a recipe for Mr Angry to appear a moments notice. We have spent a good amount of time in the lake which is lovely and clear, cooling and a joy to be in. We visited Lake Como on our last journey and have to say, that although it is smaller, it is far more beautiful. Lake Garda is beautiful just the bigger ugly sister when compared to Como, harsh I know as it is worth a trip!! Well we decided to try ordering our aircon box from Amazon to the campsite. This may not turn out as planned as it was all in Italian. Fingers crossed we get it before Wifey wraps the whole motorhome in tin foil. Wifey had an idea to use our survival blankets to cover the van windows today because the windows let in a lot of heat and wow!! What a genius idea, it was as it instantly cooled the inside. She has these pearls of wisdom on the odd occasion and so credit where credit is due, well done Mrs Badger x.

The Aircon unit arrived!

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