Camper Chaos & Crazy Charity Shops - Piraeus, Greece

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We arrived in Piraeus which is about 30 minutes south of Athens and is where the main port is situated for most of the main island hopping ferries. Dare I write the word heat again in this blog? Well I just did because it was incredibily hot and we arrived in a concrete metropolis which just radiates the heat from every angle. Picutre the German thong wearing sun worshipper with the strange silver reflective thing he holds to ensure he magnifies the sun to eek out every last solar ray and you won't be far off the heat we experienced. The pavement, walls and of course the burning sphere in the sky getting you from every angle.

The driving in Greece has been fine thus far, however, entering the suburbs of Piraeus was like turning on a crazy driver switch. We felt like we were playing Mario Kart rather than driving on a road. There weren't any speed mushrooms or slippery banana skins but there may as well have been. People were undertaking, making new lanes up and driving at crazy speeds. The fact there wasn't a crash amazed me, it was a craziness personafied. I am a very chilled out driver having driven all over the world but even I was glad to reach the destination to take a proper breath.

The carpark for the night was in between tower blocks but had full sun on it so we decided to go and find a cafe or two with aircon to avoid the main heat of the day. The temperatures are reaching 38-40 degrees now. We went for a slow stroll, got the ferry tickets to avoid panic the next day.

Piraeus isn't that pleasing on the eye by the port area so we wondered around to see what we could find in the way of shopping. Well what would you know, we stumbled on the equivelant of a chairty shop in the UK but it was huge. The girls had a great time rummaging through the clothes, I even became a personal shopper for them and picking out items for them to fashion. I swear Wifey had about a dozen items she took to the changing rooms. See the photo of Toni in a beautiful swimsuit with her knickers still on and yes I will get a slap when she sees it on the blog. And, if I am taking the mick out of her I should at least to the same with myself so I have added the photo of my COVID haircut as I am refusing to cut it. Hollie had a great time back combing it until I resembled the sixth member of the Jackson five.

We arrived early for the ferry, had out COVID paperwork all filled in and then we were told by the port personnel that Toni and the kids would have to go on as foot passengers. We noticed there were film cameras and assumed they were making a show for TV about how well run it was. I drove on with the motorhome unfortunately I left the motorhome ticket with Toni. The crew members looked at me as if I was an idiot and literally blew a gasket at me for not having it even though I would have done had Toni been with me as per normal boarding. I reversed off and went to the back of the queue with my tale between my legs.

We had to wear face masks for 10 hours on the ferry but finally arrived in Crete safe and sound.

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