Boulevard Hélène Boucher, Aix-les-Bains

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Aux Les Bains – We headed down the east coast of France through a lake district region which is a cross between the lakes in Italy with a more Swiss vibe in the houses. Think large houses with huge eaves and lots of wood cladding, window boxes of flowers perched in a peppered fashion to side of steep inclines, lush. The Aire we were due to stay on had disappeared and had been replaced with a carpark with a 2m height restriction, no good for Lenny who is a strapping 3.2m. Wifey came to the rescue and found another Aire 4 minutes away which turned out to be a real gem, close to the lake and part of some French caravan club type affair. We are going to stay here for a couple of days and enjoy a rest from driving each day. We had lunch with a small amount of red wine and I think it must have been laced with whatever they put in the handkerchief in the movies when they go up behind someone and put it over their nose. Two seconds later we passed out, wifey, Hollie and I all collapsed for a siesta only waking a couple of hours later when Charlie made Toni jump as he had found some mutant French spider that scared the bajeebers out of him. After coming out of our coma like sleep we thought why not take a bike ride into the port and build an appetite for some dinner. We rode down to the lake edge and it truly is a spectacular setting, the lake is huge and the whole outdoor boules, skateboards, kite surfing gave it a cool and cosmopolitan feeling. We had pizza in a bistro which Hollie rated as a 5/10, she has decided to become a food critic during our travels and will rate every pizza she has from this point on. We mounted our trusty steeds (the bikes) and they carried us back to Lenny for a slow evening of blogging, reading and relaxation. Until the morrow.

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