Blue Zone Bliss - Evdilos, Ikaria, Greece

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

We made it to Piraeus port early in the morning where we had time for a sleep and a mooch around before getting the 4pm ferry to Ikaria.

So picture the scene, we are in a busy city with tight streets and cars parked on both sides on every available slab of pavement. We are in a 6.5m long house on wheels. On exiting the carpark we are kindly told by the lovely lady who runs said carpark to go up the one way road the wrong way as we wouldn't get the motorhome around the other way. Firstly this wasn't our first stay here but was certainly the first time I realised it was a one way street (oops). We pull out of the carparkbut can make the turn as there is a scooter parked in the way and no owner around, also there is a Greek man on a scooter trying to pass us whilst we blocked the road (if in the UK we would have had the middle finger salute and the repeated horn until we backed up). Well this hero of a man takes it upon himself to help us out. We couldn't quite make the angle without hitting a car or a bike so he just parks his bike in the middle of the road with cars behind him and decides to do a Geoff Capes and lift someone else's scooter up and out the way. Ok so he didn't quite lift, he literally bumped it up and down repeatedly like a demented orangutan with a jack hammer. Well his technique soon beared fruit shifting the scooter onto the pavement (imagine coming back to your scooter to find it on the path). Our new hero then guides us out of the tight spot, jumps on his bike and disappears. Genius, what is not to love about the Greek attitude.

We arrived in Ikaria safe and sound after a long day and a half of ferries, first we took one from Crete to Piraeus which was 10 hours then after a spot of shopping we got another ferry that day to Ikaria which was another 10 hours. As you can imagine we were a little tired when we arrived which was at 11.30pm, way past our bedtime. The port of Evdilos was really busy, I think all the locals come out to see who is arriving. We had fun getting the Motorhome through the small streets in the harbour, one traffic incident later we stumbled on our house more by luck than judgement. Stelios the owner had left out a couple of bottles of wine and some nibbles for us which was a nice touch.

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