Mixed Month in Milatos - Crete, Greece

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

So we have been on Crete for just over a week now. We took a few days to settle in to our beachfront apartment and now we are venturing out. We are in a small apartment block that would make a great yoga hotel. It has only 9 rooms but has a cool roof terrace where you can witness sunrise and sunset each day. Wifey and I are meditating daily up there and I have really found my yoga practice again. Sometimes when you teach, you do so at the loss of your personal practice. Sometimes you just need yoga for you.

We took a trip to the sea caves in Matala which is an old hippie town with a cool vibe. We stayed on the South side of the island for the night after Matala as we hadn't quite realised the size of Crete. It is about 3 and a half hours from one end to the other.

We had a day out to Agios Nikolaos on the east coast where we found a small organic health shop, had a nice bite to eat and watched the world drift by. When I say a bite to eat there was enough to feed a wedding party. We all had a club sandwich with chips (Very English we know but we have been eating Greek food for over a month and wanted a change). I was the only one who finished with most of the clan not making it even onto the side of chips. No wonder Greek's carry a few extra pounds if this is the portions they consume, I have to say my waist line is somewhat larger than we set off.

Charlie and I have been swimming in the sea and the harbour most days, it has been nice to have some boy bonding time. We even had a day surfing together which was a first for Charlie and I have to say I had a proud dad moment when he managed to stand up on the board. Very impressive for a first ever time, well done son!!

We have been eating out at Eleni and Kostas restaurant in Milatos after Maite, our new French friend who resides in the apartment next to us recommended it. We have to say we have enjoyed every single dish. Eleni has been teaching us some Greek words and is such a beautifully warm lady. If you ever go to Crete you have to make it to their restaurant it really is worth the trip and at such good value too. We became good friends with Eleni during our month's stay and Toni even had a cry when we ate there for the last time, bless her cottons.

We visited the caves along the beachfront in Milatos as you can see from the pictures there was someone camping in there. The sunset was amazing when we got there a little orb joing Charlie and Toni on the photo I took.

We have enjoyed a Greek street party with accompanying music, food and wine with our apartment friends which consist of a lovely French couple escaping Paris, called Julian and Karin, a crazy Norwegian lady called Trina and the previously mentioned neighbour Maite. The only other person was the owner of the apartments, Katrina who is a Swiss lady with an appetite for life and personality to match. She had two amazing dogs, the one in the picture is called Cappuccino and she also had a street dog she rescued from Dubai called Ali Baba.

Check out the dog having a kip on the stairs inside the ferry port, only in Greece! Hollie and I were commissioned to do some wall art on the roof terraced wall for Katrina which we both thoroughly enjoyed, evidence is below.

It has been a whirlwind of a month in some ways and very chilled out in others. Having been travelling for over a month it was lovely to have a base and just relax. We took in the east and south east of the island but didn't really do justice to the whole island. We made some new friends enjoying a party or two on the roof terrace, watched sunset and sunrise more times than I remember, ate great food and enjoyed daily swims in the beautiful sea.

We loved our time on Crete but I got itchy feet and we are now going to Ikaria as I read a lot about it and had a calling to go there for some reason. The next chapter is a new Greek island where more centenarians live than any other places on the planet bar the other 4 blue zones of course.

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