Meet Toni & Nathan

Self proclaimed life lovers!

They met in 2002 when Nathan trained Toni in her new job at a large corporate business. Toni was besotted but Nathan was completely blind to her attraction, that was until the stalking became too much that he just gave in and allowed her to have her wicked way. Fast forward nearly 20 years and they are now responsible "ish" parents. 

They share a love for food, travel, yoga and each other. Having adopted a plant based diet nearly 15 years ago they strive to help others with diet and health using their years of experience. They offer gratitude for the chance to travel so much together along with their beautiful twins Hollie and Charlie. Choosing a different path for their children by home schooling was met with a mixture of surprise, support, ridicule and plenty of outright rude comments. Why people think it is their divine right to question something they know nothing about I do not know. 

Stepping out of the matrix together they have not looked back. Maintaining a little toe in society but with the majority of their beliefs residing outside of the sterotypical, institional thinking we have been brainwashed to believe.